2014 Updated Reading List: Or the Quest for Entrepreneurship Inspiration

New Entries:

  1. Homeland: Cory Doctorow
  2. Structures - J.E. Gordon
  3. Yes We Did!: Rahaf Harfoush
  4. The Alliance: Reed Hoffman
  5. The Obstacle is the Way: Ryan Holiday
  6. The Viral Startup: Andrew Chen
  7. The Founder’s Dillemmas: Noam Wasserman
  8. Lean Marketing for Startups: Sean Ellis
  9. A Walk in the Woods: Bill Bryson
  10. Don’t Make me Think: Steve Krug
  11. The Orange Code: Arkadi Kuhlman
  12. The Essential Drucker: Peter Drucker
  13. Value Stream Mapping: Karen Martin
  14. The Toyota Way
  15. Scaling up Excellence: Robert Sutton

Past Entries:

  1. Without their Permission: Alexis Ohanian
  2. Damn Good Advice: George Lois
  3. High Output Management: Andy Grove
  4. If you Build it, Whill They Come? Rob Adams
  5. Thinking Like Your Editor: Susan Rabiner
  6. Flash Boys: Michael Lewis
  7. Will it Fly? Thomas McKnight
  8. Talk Like TED: Carmine Gallo
  9. Payments Systems in the U.S. : Glenbrook Institute
  10. Losing my Virginity: Richard Branson

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