A Stupid Sales Strategy

Today I had this most stupid sales call with a company called Walk Me. They’ve raised U$ 40 + million, so I was flabbergasted, to say the least, with what happened.

Day 1 #

I was looking for a solution that would help me onboard my users. A quick Quora search referred me to many potential providers, over which I chose to test Walkme.com.

Upon entering they’re cute little website, I was happy to find hints to a freemium plan, i.e., the following message:

Get Started with our free plan

Well, that’s what I got. I signed-up for an account, and began testing the product.

Day 2 #

Had real trouble setting up the product right, so thought about reaching out for help. Was directed towards a Q&A website, totally oriented to self-service. Didn’t find what I needed (I hate self-service) so I began checking if there was a premium plan with which I could get some further support. That’s when I found that there was no pricing information nor self-service way to buy the premium plan, as you can see here.

So I scheduled a call - weird - to talk to a rep, who said after our call, she could maybe set up a demo with one of her directors.

Day 3 #


Rep says “hey, and I thing we should go over our pricing.”

“Ok,” I say, naively.

“It will be U$ 1,300 a month for our enterprise plan.”

Noise of me falling fainted on the floor.

Now, this cute little startup that’s raised more than probably about 90% of the Brazilian startup ecosystem probably had some trouble generating revenues out of a self-service plan, and decided it should be charging real money to justify the U$ 42 mil’. But leaving a freemium plan behind? Really, what a great way to frustrate unqualified customers, crowd your pipeline with lowest quality leads for such an outrageously expensive plan, and to just fuck up a sales funnel.

Do I really need to say that they should be offering a demo at the start, and killing the “freemium” plan? That they should ask for more information like size of the company, revenues, or whatever, to filter out the kikos from the funnel? Have they even read Close.io, Hubspot, or whichever blog there is out there for free? Jesus.


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