Aaron Levie and Box: Speech at Stanford

For those of you who haven’t watched this video, it is very good:

Stanford’s Entrepreneurship Corner: Aaron Levie, Box.net

Aaron is a very inspiring CEO, both showing great knowledge about his company, a very interesting vision with the future of his business, and also seems very confident/mature as a CEO for his early age. Not surprising then that he’s reached such a success.

He mentions 5 tenets every founder should think about, which I wanted to share:

  1. Build something (be it a product, technology or service) that couldn’t be built three/five years ago. If your creation does not fit in this rule, you are probably late or it isn’t worth to build it anyway. Reasons for the viability of the creation now encompass cultural factors (such as the social wave/facebook) macroeconomic factors (unemployment, growth, fx rates) and technology factors (speed of processing, storage/cloud costs, etc).

  2. Be passionate about the business - it is the only way to endure all the difficulty of starting up

  3. Don’t compromise/sacrifice what you believe in. Always aim for the BEST (best hires, best products, best feats)

  4. Get out of your comfort zone. If you’re not out of it, something is wrong

  5. Don’t write your own obituary too early. A lot of people, and even yourself, are going to doubt you, raise issues such as competition (Googles and Microsofts). They may well be wrong, so believe it.

Aside from that, it was very interesting to hear about his vision for SaaS and enterprise software. His drive to bring innovation to the space (“enterprise sucks”). I truly believe in it.


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