Two great articles on SaaS/Enterprise by Jason M. Lemkin

I’ve recently stumbled upon two great articles by Jason M. Lemkin about B2B SaaS - and the tradeoff between focusing on SMBs x Enterprises - where he states, much to my surprise, that selling U$ 250 k ARR contracts to enterprises is relatively easy, something I viewed as quite the opposite.

The Next Wave of SMB SaaS: True Solutions. Priced as Such. by Jason M. Lemkin on SaaStr

Maybe this is true in the U.S. market, where CTOs have burning budgets to improve IT, build solutions, and everything, whereas in higher growth (developing?) countries, I think CTOs have little to no time to improve software selection, and are much more focused on putting out fires, patching existing ERPs that can’t seem to get an invoice out, or trying to get POV cashiers to hit ‘Enter’ correctly on their terminals. Nonetheless, is a very interesting article on how corporate IT spending evolves.

Another great article of his is about Market Sizing on the SaaS space.

TAM is Great. But What Really Matters is That You Believe You Can Hit $100m ARR in 7 Years.

Very good discussion for those who are researching verticals to dig deeper into.


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